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CDT Blooper Reel

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Cliff Drysdale Tennis! Our gift to you is this hilarious Blooper Reel from the videos we filmed in 2017. Believe it or not, we aren't all one-take wonders. Enjoy!

Featured Tennis Tip: Pet The Dog Technique

Modern strings and racquets have changed the way we hit forehands. Here Steven Etchells, Director of Tennis at In-Shape Visalia, shows us the "Pet the Dog" technique of setting our wrist to allow for a closed racquet face. This will help us with control and spin! For our full library of online video courses and instructional content, visit:

Featured Tennis Tip: Use of Your Legs and the Two Handed Backhand

The two-handed backhand has become a staple at every level of tennis. Here Robert Wright, Head Pro at Cliff Drysdale Tennis at Rancho Las Palmas, shows us how to use our legs to drive up and through the ball. For our full library of online video courses and instructional content, visit:

Featured Tennis Tip: The Forehand Volley

Today we've got a quick tip on the forehand volley from Cliff Drysdale Tennis' CEO Don Henderson! The volley is one of the simplest shots in tennis, but due to a lack of practice, it is often the worst technical shot in a player's game. For our full library of online video courses and instructional content, visit:

#PlayLikeThePros: Hit Your Forehand Like Juan del Potro

Graham Miller, Adult Director at the John Newcombe Country Club in New Braunfels, TX, shows you how to make your forehand a little more like Juan Martin del Potro! Delpo has arguably the best forehand in all of pro tennis, so it's certainly not a bad idea to emulate him!

Singles Action Plan: CDT Online Tennis Course

Have you been enjoying the singles action at the US Open Tennis Championships? We sure have! And today we present to you a course that will have you playing like pros! __________ CALLING ALL SINGLES PLAYERS! Do you feel lost on the court during points? The truth is, most players don't truly understand what allows us to be successful in the singles game. We watch the pros and they look amazing, but how can we apply that to our game? Well,...

Dominate On Serve: CDT’s Newest Online Tennis Course

Today we're excited to publicly release our newest online video course, #DominateOnServe! This 6 part, 50 minute video course led by Cal Loveridge of the John Newcombe Country CLub in New Braunfels, TX is a comprehensive guide to not only improving your serve, but HOLDING SERVE more often. We give you the tools to back up your serve and start dominating your opponents! Get full, unrestricted access to this industry leading course as well as...

#PlayLikeThePros: Knife Your Slice Like Murray

Today's #PlayLikeThePros features CDT's VP of Operations Scott McCulloch teaching us how to knife the slice like Andy Murray! The slice is one of the most valuable shots in tennis, but not many players truly understand how to make it a reliably consistent shot. McCulloch looks at Andy Murray's slice backhand as a point of reference for teaching proper mechanics, positioning and mindset on the backhand slice. For hundreds of other...

RPM Central: The Ultimate Guide to Spin

Have you ever wondered how to add more spin into your tennis game? Well, we've got the tennis course for you. RPM Central: The Ultimate Guide to Spin is led by Jake Baranowski, Director of Tennis at Tyler Athletic and Swim Club. In this 6 part, in-depth video course, we walk you through everything you need to do in your swing to generate more spin on the ball. This course is great for players of all levels. Check out a full preview of the...

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