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HEAD, the exclusive equipment partner of Cliff Drysdale Tennis and global racquet sports specialist has signed new long-term contracts with Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev.  This extends the successful relationship with two of its signature athletes and underlines the brand’s strong commitment to professional athletics. “Novak and Alexander work extremely hard to reach their ambitious goals,” says HEAD CEO Johan...

Open Stance Audio: Embracing a Long Term Developmental Mindset

Have you been listening to our daily podcast, Open Stance Audio? Today is a great episode to jump back in, with CDT's Joey Hanf and Scott Colebourne discussing why we play tennis and how embracing a long-term developmental mindset will help you improve your game AND have more fun on the court. The full episode is available here.

Open Stance Audio: Stephen Amitraj Talks Coaching, College Tennis and the UTR

Today's episode features guest Stephen Amitraj. Amitraj has been a key factor in American tennis as a coach of many notable players, both men and women. Most recently he served as the Director of Collegiate Tennis for the USTA, where he helped college tennis players in their transition to the pro tour. He is now the Chief Tennis Officer at UTR Powered by Oracle. Stephen and Joey discuss being a young coach, his role in helping collegiate...

Open Stance Audio: Tips for Playing Under Pressure

Today in our daily tennis podcast, CDT tennis pro Joey provides a few key tips for playing tennis under pressure; in matches, leagues, tournaments etc. So many tennis players hit the ball great in practice, but struggle when match day comes around. Learn how to improve in the moments that matter most. Listen to all of our tennis podcast episodes here.

Cliff Drysdale Featured on US Open Courtside

Hear our fearless leader Cliff Drysdale talk about the inception of Open Era tennis, his signature two-handed backhand and much more on Courtside, the official podcast of the US Open Tennis Championships! Listen on Audioboom here.

Open Stance Audio: Pre-match Warm Up Tips and more!

Our goals at Cliff Drysdale Tennis include growing the game of tennis and providing tips and instruction to help you become a better player! Listen in to some of our instructional-focused podcasts with our Open Stance Audio Team! How to Take The Ball Early: Improving your Pre-Match...

Open Stance Audio: Choosing the Right Racquet For You

What is the single most important piece of equipment for tennis players? The racquet of course! Listen to this Open Stance Audio episode from Cliff Drysdale Tennis to learn about the process of choosing the right racquet for YOU: Take this 1 minute quiz from HEAD Tennis to find out which racquets you should try...

Fernando Vedasco’s Modern Forehand

Watching the pros play can be a huge help to our game! This photo of Fernando Verdasco! taken by our team at the Miami Openlast week is a picture perfect example of the modern forehand preperation. ✅High Takeback ✅Non-Dominant Arm Used to Create Spacing ✅Shoulders and Hips Turned Work on those three things and you will see improvement in your game! Also we like that HEAD Tennis racquet!

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