Cliff Drysdale Tennis


Cliff Drysdale Tennis specializes in tennis program development, daily tennis operations and tennis management for resorts, hotels and private tennis clubs; design and construction consultation for companies interested in building world-class tennis facilities and unrivaled tennis educational programs, clinics and retreats. Tennis centers with a Cliff Drysdale Tennis team have a commitment to world-class tennis and exceptional service for its members and guests.

Mission Statement

Founded in 2001 by tennis legend & ESPN Commentator Cliff Drysdale and partner Don Henderson, Cliff Drysdale Tennis is a global, full-service tennis management company that provides the “Ultimate Tennis Experience.” We are dedicated  to GROWING THE GAME OF TENNIS! Our team strives to develop, promote and teach new programs that bring more tennis to more people. As our company and the game of tennis continues to grow, as does our promise to hire, educate and advance talented tennis professionals that are committed to providing service excellence both on and off the court. We work hard to honor our commitment to our team partners, customers, and Cliff Drysdale’s place in tennis history by promoting tennis culture and providing unparalleled customer service and world-class programming at each of our facilities.

Core Values

Commitment - CDT is committed to hiring, educating, and advancing tennis professionals that are dedicated to growing the game and providing each and every customer with service excellence
Innovation - CDT strives to develop, promote and teach new programs that bring more tennis to more people
Fun - CDT provides a fun and enthusiastic environment for players to learn and grow their game and fitness goals
Leadership - CDT has the courage to lead from the forefront of the tennis industry to influence and shape the future growth of tennis

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